Feeling depressed? Down and out about life? I have a SOLUTION!

Feeling depressed? Down and out about life? I have a SOLUTION!

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It happens to everyone, at some point or another, we feel down and out, like nothing is going the way we want it to. Life just isn’t what it should be. Life plain sucks! Sometimes, we even sink deep into depression.

Luckily, I have a solution! A way to instantly improve your mood, to make you feel alive, motivated, and make you look at life differently. I sound like a salesman don’t I? But, I really do have a solution. A way to fix that mood and put a smile on your face. But, you should know there is one (but only one) serious side effect my solution carries with it, the very high risk of addiction. Not that there’s anything wrong with being addicted to this. If you’re not excited yet, you should be! So, what’s the solution?

A Small dose: Do something nice for somebody else!

The next time you’re feeling down, miserable, distressed, or anything else, try making somebody ELSE smile. Do something small for somebody that you think will have a image rightpositive impact on them. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, or anything requiring loads of money. It could be something as simple as buying a proper meal for a homeless person, making somebody laugh, or complimenting somebody on how they look or for something they did.

You may be thinking, “Why would I want to cheer up somebody else, when I’m the one that needs cheering up?!” Well, before you doubt my solution,try it. I promise you, there are very few things out there that feel as good as knowing you played a small or a major part in making someone’s day better!

The stronger stuff: Dedicate some of your time to charity work

OK so you’re feeling really down. Sounds like you need more. Try dedicating some of image rightyour time to regularly doing some kind of charity work. Tutor some children, read to some blind people, be a mentor, do anything that will help to improve the life of someone less fortunate than yourself. If those particular choices don’t work for you, fine. Just find a way to use what you know, your talents and your time to benefit the life of someone else, anyway you can.

Dedicating your time to helping to make the life of another person better will not only help you ditch that depression, but you’ll be surprised to see the long lasting feeling of fulfillment you get. Chances are you’ll not only help somebody else learn something, but you’ll in return learn something for and about yourself.

This is where the addiction may come in. You may find yourself loving the feeling of helping so much, that you want to do it more and more. You live to do it. Luckily, this is one of those things, that the more you do it, the better you’ll feel. When you become really addicted, that’s when you’ll

Dedicate your life to charity work

If you follow my solution, in absolutely no time, you’ll see how your whole outlook on life changes. Things that would get you down before will suddenly have a bright side. Situations that seemed insufferable will now pass by like a cool breeze. You see how much I care? I’m giving you all this FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE! (I’ll consider this MY good deed for the day!I’ll never understand why famous, people with more money than they can spend, and people who feel they’ve done ‘everything’  who are depressed and just plain ‘bored’ don’t try MY solution instead of turning to drugs, alcohol and other things that will only help them sink deeper in the hole. Maybe somebody needs to show them my blog!

Credit to Xapuxatz, Tabatha and Nanna for the AMAZING art!
  1. NickMack says:

    LOVE this post! Syncs perfectly with the principle of paying it forward and is a reminder that seeking fulfillment/happiness doesn’t have to cost a buck. Gonna bookmark this… Thanks for sharing, Akil. =)

  2. Wiggz says:

    Good words… Selflessness that’s what the world needs

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