Best places to download FREE music (Royalty Free that is!)

Best places to download FREE music (Royalty Free that is!)

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If you’ve ever done an indie project chances are you’ve needed to use music at some point or another. The problem I’ve run into (and probably a ┬álot of other people) is finding good places with good music you can use in your project without worrying about breaking any laws or ending up owing an artists thousands of dollars. So after many hours of searching online I’ve found a number of really great places to download music free online. So, on to the list

Free Music Archive

Free Music ArchiveSo the first place to download music online is free is music archive. This site brings in music from a variety of different sources and covers a pretty wide array of genres. Watch out though, not ALL the music is free to use, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you like here. If not….

CC Mixter

CC MixterMaybe your in need of a good remix? Well if you’re looking for a good remix to download and use CC Mixter is the site for you to check. Again, not ALL the stuff here is totally free, but in my experience if you email the owner/creator of the song and explain to them what you’re doing chances are they’ll let you use the song as long as you give them credit. Excellent resource to have!

Maybe you’re looking for sounds and effects instead of just music? We’ll if sound effects are what you’re looking for then this is the place to download sound effects! Freesound is pretty big database of sounds under the Creative Commons License. So they’re more or less free to use (in certain non commercial applications). Again, if you’re not sure you can use something, feel free to email them and just ask. Chances are you’ll be safe to use whatever you find here without too much concern.


Go to AudioFarmIn a nuthshell AudioFarm is a collection of creative commons music created by people and groups all over the world. Just like a few other sites, it spans pretty musc any and every genre you know or could think of. FInding the perfect song for your work might be a bit of a hassle because I find it’s not always as easy to navigate and filter through and find the good stuff. But you can find real gems on this site!

Sound Bible

Looking for more sound effects? Or maybe somewhere to find both sound effects AND Royalty Free music? Well sound bible is the place to find both. They’ve provided effects for projects for students, commercial projects and many non profit organizations. The site is well organized and just like any other quality audio site you can listen to tracks before you can download them. It even has a neat request a sound feature! Check out Sound Bible to see if you like it!

There are a ton of other places you can download music online, so just dig around and you’re SURE to find something you like. But I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of the sites listed above!

  1. Joe says: also offers truly free royalty free sound effects, music loops and drum kits for download

  2. Stan Bey says: for electronic music and live radio. especially convenient on mobile devices

  3. Thanks for the article. Very helpful. You may want to check out They have tons of free Music and Sound Effects

  4. Maybe for inclusion you can try – it’s a growing resource and one that’s using Creative Commons Licenses.


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