Trini Carnival 2011 – Sun, Rum, Soca & Sexing Bad Trini Girls! (?)

Trini Carnival 2011 – Sun, Rum, Soca & Sexing Bad Trini Girls! (?)

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This morning I was directed to a forum that had a blog post from a guy who’s been to Trinidad more than a couple times. Let’s just say HIS experience was drastically different from mine. But instead of trying to describe the experience to you, I’ll let his words speak for him.

The original gentleman posted pics of the women he says ‘encountered’ while there. I’ve decided not to repost those pics for obvious reasons

Let the experience begin

Trinidad & Tobago – Carnival 2011 – Sun, Rum, Soca & Sexing Bad Trini Girls!

Whaddup Fellas, It’s been a minute but I have been grinding and traveling a lot so I havent had time to throw together all of my juicy reports for the year but I’m going to set it off with this one about Trinidad & Tobago the Twin Island Nation just north of Venezuela in The Southern Caribbean known for having the finest women with the sexiest accents in the English Speaking Caribbean and for having the Largest Street Party Carnival in the World even though Rio disputes It. Never tell a Trini that Rio Carnival is better! Ha…

Anyway…I have been to Trinidad about 3 times in the past 2 months and I have really fell in love with the place and most especially the hot women and warm people . I just came back from yet another weekend rendezvous to hit the Tobago Jazz Festival, Surf & hit a Yacht Party with a dime piece I met during Carnival that I came back to see and banged all weekend long…

Posted a photo of a young woman here implying she was the one he had ‘fun’ with all weekend

I just keep meeting new ones because I came up on this 20 year old Indian/Black Trini Model who was working a promotion at the boat party this past weekend and slayed her the same night after having wine and listening to R&B music afterwards at the Hyatt…

Posted a photo of a second young woman here implying she was the one he met at the boat party with and ‘slayed’ after.

I swear I can’t lose out here!

The Basics

Money: Exchange Rate is $1 USD to 6 TT Dollars.

How to get there: Caribbean Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, British Airways. I prefer Caribbean Airlines when flying to Port of Spain and on this trip pulled a fine flight attendant on the way down and met another one during Carnival time. It’s always good to connect with the local flavor and flying the official carrier of the company is a good start for the trip. The city is kind of rough around the edges but has it’s charm in some places and Is easy to get around.

Where to Stay: Hyatt, Hilton, Courtyard Marriott, Carlton Savannah.

The Hyatt is brand new and is amazingly beautiful with lovely rooms and bedding, shower and top notch service and super player lobby bar that can be used to seal the deal with any dime piece you invite over , infinity roof top pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea. I sealed many of deals here over Carnival Weekend and If you invite a girl back to this spot she will not resist. I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott on my last two trips and It’s nice as well just a little smaller and right next door to a movie complex/mall called Movietowne.

Day Game: Queens Savannah Park, Downtown Port of Spain near the Financial District, TrinCity Mall, Movietowne Mall WestMoorings Mall. Maracas Bay Beach which is about 45 minutes away alot of nice chicks in bikinis chillin.

Transportation: The main mode of transportation is Maxi-Taxis. It works almost like hitch hiking. You stand on the side of the road and just put your hand out and either a Van or Car will pull up to you. Most of the routes you will travel to are on a fixed route status and It costs about 2TT to 3 TT which is about 33 Cents so not a bad deal at all.

Where to party:

Ariapita Avenue: Is the main commercial and nightlife area packed with restaurants, lounges & boutiques with a number of cool spots to check out and people hanging out Nightly. Pick one and go in you can’t lose. Vino Libor is a nice lounge to start the night off before moving on to some larger clubs or lounges to bar hop.

St. James: Is the more working class and down home bar scene and much cheaper but you won’t find any of the beautiful people of Port of Spain hanging out here for the most part. More of a place to grab a brew with the fellas (Stag & Carib are the main choices of brew here)

IntlSwagger Nightclub Picks: 51 & Area, Zen: These are the most upscale spots in the city…This is where you will find the finest chicks hanging out on the regular.

Bottle Service for Johnny Walker Black 500TT

Local Brew: 20TT
Mixed Drinks: 30TT
Entrance: 60TT to 120TT If you’re not on the list.

Nightlife Links:

The Women

Port of Spain is a vibrant Port Industry City with a beautiful sultry mix of women with all types of mixes Chinese/Indian/Black/Lebanese/Syrian/Venezuelan. I mostly zero’d in on the mixed chicks who were various mixtures of Indian/Black/Spanish/Chinese and did very well. If you hit the right spots, are fashionable and have a good mouth piece you can get in with these chicks. You cannot be timid in dealing with these chicks or you will be eaten alive. They like dudes with confidence and style about themselves, cats who know how to hold them down so If you are the nerdy type I wouldn’t suggest this place for you. Even the Indian dudes have balls about themselves here and seeing White cats with Caribbean accents was kind of surreal.

Best Time of Year to Visit:

Carnival is the best time of year to go and things start to crank up around Christmas time. The North American Summer being the second best time of year to visit.

Here is a good example on how it goes down at Carnival!

Pics go here of more scantily clad women playing mas.

Carnival is the Yearly major social event of the English Speaking Caribbean. Picture the tightest dime pieces from the middle to highest social ladders from all over the English Speaking Caribbean come through partying over 10 days in one spot. Chicks from Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica, The UK, Bahamas and the US as well. This event is extremely sexual and rum fueled to the max. The Carnival action starts well before The Carnival Monday & Tuesday. It is advisable to arrive on the Wednesday before Carnival Weekend to hit up the extremely popular Fetes (Parties) which are filled wall to wall with exotic dancing beauties Whining (Dancing) and looking to meet guys and Liming (Partying).

These events normally have a performance by one of the many popular Soca Artists (Michael Montana, Destra, KES and many others) and are extremely live. These Fetes are normally all-inclusive (food and drink) and range in cost from $25-$75. They are normally held outdoors or at one of the huge parks or stadiums. Some of the names of the Fetes: Beach House, Girl Power, Soca Monarch, Breakfast Fete. Looks them all up and peep the pictures of the talent…AMAZING!!!

After Carnival most people head over to Tobago on that Wednesday – Saturday/Sunday which is a 15 minute flight and cost around $48 roundtrip on Caribbean Airlines for some sun, relaxation and more partying…more on that later….

How to game the women:This spot Is pure Gold for any cat who looks somewhat different than a Trini from what I noticed and have been told. As for me a mixed looking Black American Man like myself I just couldn’t lose and since English is the main language I had no problem gaming and approaching any women. Most of the chicks were always asking what I’m mixed with so I had air of intrigue about myself even though I still identify myself as Black but my family is Creole from New Orleans. Lighter-Brown Skinned Brothas seem to have a GREAT Advantage here in my opinion.

But I think anyone who is somewhat Hip, Edgy & Good Looking with Swagger of any race can do well here. You just have to have supreme confidence, body language and have to know how to Whine (Dance) during Carnival If you can’t dance with these girls you won’t be able to even get in the door since during Carnival that’s what these girls like doing. Dancing in the Streets, taking pictures and exchanging numbers and occasionally kissing If you can get your foot in the door with dancing.

I have been told by all of the women I have dealt with that girls like foreign men and I have been told that repeatedly because the Social Scene in Port of Spain and especially the middle to upper echelon is small and people know each other So as a foreigner you will have a GREAT ADVANTAGE to be able to game these chicks. They are looking for something different & fresh so use that to your advantage. And do not get me started with their sweet sexy Trini accents just hearing those girls talk gets my blood pumping. Also being older (Plus 25 the girls like mature men) helps.

For Carnival and playing Mas (Being in the carnival) you have to get a costume and sign up early to be apart of the action. This year I played Mas with Yuma Vibe which was known for having the most beautiful women in during Carnival. Just picture over 1000 women in one Carnival Band with the skimpiest costumes dancing from Sun-Up to Sun-Down all throughout the streets and you have full access to all of them. Other good Carnival groups that I recommend are Tribe & Bliss. Both of those groups have a comparable amount of Beautiful Women playing MAS as well. I played with Tribe in 2006 and It was a wonderful experience.

Another good thing about playing in a Carnival Band is that the ratio of women to men is about 70% to 30% so do the math! Costumes will run you about $300 USD which includes breakfast, lunch & dinner and all the alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks you can handle served alongside the Carnival Parade Route in huge trucks where music is played from in each section from 8am to 10pm. You cannot go to Trinidad for Carnival and not play MAS so make sure you plan ahead and handle the costume and fete tickets in advance.

The Food here is an interesting mix of Indian and Caribbean faire which makes it an interesting and spicy mix. They love their Roti, Macaroni Pie, Stewed Chicken and Callaloo and strangely enough…KFC! I had to try it for myself and It was way better than the stuff they serve in the USA…They douse it with Pepper Sauce to make it extra spicy and It’s insanely good. But there is a mix of Italian, Chinese, Arabic and Indian restaurants that fill the bill here as well…More to come….
Source Removed as the article has been removed from the forum

My quick thoughts

Well, to say HIS experience (according to him) was VERY different from mine would be a huge understatement. Needless to say he makes Trinidad sound like a VERY different island from the one I saw. He makes it sound pretty much like an island filled with hot easy women looking for ‘exotic’ guys to meet & hook up with. In any case, let me know what you think. Did he hit the nail on the head and provide a different, but still accurate picture of Trinidad (especially during carnival time)? Or maybe not?

[UPDATE: It seems as if the original poster has deleted the post from the Forum it was on. Not sure if this means the post had a few ’embellishments’ or if it was just getting a little bit too much attention? Either way it’s gone now…]
UPDATE: The link to the forum has been removed since the article on the forum has been deleted. Given the ‘nature’ of the forum I didn’t see much value in continuing to point people to the forum
  1. Carole-Anne says:

    Wow… just wow.

    Actually, a few days ago someone asked me if the majority of Trinidadian women are loose/easy… and my reply was a hearty no. And it’s not because I’m half Trinidadian… I’ve just never heard about any experiences such as what the man described, and I don’t know of the women being so loose.

    Then again, maybe times have changed and this is something that tourists of the masculine gender get to enjoy once they’re good looking and have money.

    Anyway, I hate that it is being painted in such a light… almost as if it’s a whorehouse. *shudder* Where’d you find this post Akil? (If you don’t mind sharing…?)

    • Akil says:

      They link to the exact posting was there in the article (the source link). But looks like they deleted it from the forum. Wonder if that means some of the stuff in there just wasn’t true? Or maybe it was getting a little too much attention?

  2. Carole-Anne says:

    Thanks… and I’m guessing it was getting a little too much attention, especially with pictures posted of the supposed “slayed” women.

  3. Morenito says:

    What are your intentions on posting this on your blog and Twitter? Obviously if you are a member of the forum (you would have to be to get all the pics and content) or you know someone that is. The blog is for men to post their travel experiences. You are breaking the most basic rules of a forum like that which makes you seem like a hater. Why would you look at a forum that has that type of info and then put it on blast? Everyone’s experience traveling to somewhere is different and has to be taken for what it is whether you believe it or not. Instead maybe you could have posted something more constructive on the forum for the guys to see how you experience was different.

    • Akil says:

      Thanks for the different perspective. I can definitely understand why you could look at me posting the article as me being a ‘hater’ but I promise you I’m not. My objective in posting the article was to show a different perspective on trinidad and the whole ‘experience’ of carnival. As as I said, his was very different from mine, which is cool with me. I’m perfectly fine with him posting his experiences and all, in fact I enjoyed reading it! However the small part I did have an issue with, was him posting the actual photos of the girls he ‘encountered’ over there. Surely as he said in his article he knows trinidad is a VERY small island where everyone is connected to everyone and so your reputation is one of ur most prized possessions. By posting the actual photos of the girls he more or less destroyed (or came close t destroying) the reputations of those girls. Sure they may have had fun with hi that night/weekend, and by all means tell the forum and the internet about your experiences, but cmon, be at least a LITTLE bit considerate about the other people involved and how what you’re saying online could affect them. That’s why I chose to leave out all the photos of the women but still repost his experience.

  4. Morenito says:

    @Akil- Point well taken. You are definitely right about posting the pics and the reputation issue on the island. I do not condone that by any means. However, I feel as if you have, in part, become responsible for it becoming more than it already was. Despite the post being taken down quickly, you have created publicity for a post on very “niche” website. Quite frankly many would not have known the post or site existed until you put it out there. I really feel like, for the sake of all involved (friends, family, relatives, etc) your post here and on twitter should be removed just as it was from the forum it was originally posted on. Who knows how many tens or hundreds of people saw the pics before it was removed. Now this has created an unnecessary buzz that is fuel for a fire that can be slowly put out by removing any reference to it.

    • Akil says:

      Point taken. The link to the forum has been removed from the post.

      On a side note. I can pretty much ASSURE you that 90% of the traffic that had gone to that site (and the article in particular) wasn’t from my blog post. I had actually gotten a link to that post from 3 different people before I even began to type up the blog entry.

      In any case, it was an interesting write up of apparently I very exciting experience in Trinidad. Just a bit unfortunate that he went as far as to post pics where no pics should really have been posted. I’d love for him to keep writing about his follow up experiences, but somehow based on the reaction to this one I doubt that’ll happen.

  5. TNTStagman says:

    Is there any point to keep this “Copy and Paste” blog post up since you viewed the article yourself on the site and took the liberty to sign up for the site and lift the content & pictures? A better way on your part would of been to handle this would of to post about your own Carnival experiences & your mistakes on why you didn’t have as good of a time as this gentleman without trying to continue to damage the reputations of all involved by broadcasting this out to the Internet and your social circle and others involved. You should do everyone a favor and remove your “copy and paste” job on your blog and post on the original forum like you should of done in the 1st place. You seem like you are trying to get gain favor by selling out the next man & nothing comes good out of that in the long run.

    • Akil says:

      Well, the point of this ‘copy and paste’ job was to present a different side to Trinidad Carnival. As you can see from the post I didn’t ‘lift’ the photos b/c I figured it added nothing to the post (well nothing valuable or beneficial to anyone anyway) and would only be causing people unnecessary stress. As it stands now the post is more or less harmless and presents a perspective of Trinidad that few talk about or read about.

      On the issue of Damaging reputations….. I don’t think I’ve done that at all. I removed the photos, and based on recommendation from another commenter I even went as far as to remove the link to the forum where the article was posted. So if you still feel I’m ‘damaging’ reputations, just let me know how I am & I suppose we could go from there? But as it stands,
      simply posting the commentary isn’t in itself damaging anyone. So no. As of right now I don’t see why I should delete it.

      On the topic of me trying to gain ‘favour’. Quite simply no, I promise you I’m not. Again I found his write up of his experience VERY entertaining and I’d love if he’d keep posting on each of his follow up trips. As long as identities are kept confidential, go for it!

      And I promise you, I had JUST As much fun as he did :)

  6. The man’s account is true and I know of others in previous years who go down and have same…sex tourism (or even simply vacation flings/romances, not even going down specifically for that) is nothing new to the Caribbean or anywhere a person is not known…cause even people who arrive in big countries like the U.S. on vacation can and will get it in too if the mood and opportunities strike… I am not sure why Trinis enjoy pretending it happens everywhere else BUT Trinidad…they not going to the trouble of handing out condoms in j’ouvert and mas goody bags (double and triple the amount in the bags this year from last wthhh????) for nothing!

    There was a news article from/in one of the trinidad newspapers that stated the population of trinidad goes up about 15% something like 9 months after carnival…annually. There is a phrase for these children: carnival babies. What are they, myths? lol They come from sex during carnival time!

    That said, it doesn’t mean your experience (too tired to really take advantage of what COULD happen) is not the norm either. There are so many people with so many different agendas (sharing the base agenda of FUN, SUN, AND RUM or whatever drink) that just like 2 people can play in one band or attend one fete and have VASTLY different experiences…same so with the whole carnival romance/fling/”slay” deal.

    And I’m sorry many jamaican men and men from other islands AND men from trinidad have shared the opinion that trini women are freaks…and “horn” (cheat!) worse than their men do. Jamaican men also tend to feel that the mixed ones in Trinidad “douglas” are the wildest. Going off the crowd behaviour at Scorch versus Soca Monarch general…lol let’s just say they do not stay self contained in a party the way the stush folks in Jamaican parties do…have you seen women when the rhythm section came out after Scorch was “done”? Mad ting! Men coming from abroad who see that will think omg these women are all hormones!

    But they probably just misinterpret the fact that it’s carnival time and in Trinidad the whole social class structure breaks down for that one moment in time so people can HAVE FUNNNNN. Only evidence of it really is that there is a vip side and a general side to most fetes…whereas in, say, Jamaica, uptowners just go to a particular party and downtowners to a whole different party…they don’t party in the same party barricaded off from each other. This might be where the sense of no rules or whatever comes from when men used to some kind of party structure get to trinidad.

    That guy in the article basically is reacting how someone would react if they went to New York and saw Ivanka Trump (The Trump’s top private school educated super wealthy daughter) dropping it like it’s hot and taking puncheon shots with some regular gas station manager chick inside the same party…in most countries these 2 just would not be in the same party, period…in Trinidad from they have the money and/or links to get inside, they in the said fete, in the said band, and they throwing waist and liquor back said speed. :)

    • Akil says:

      I’ve definitely heard rumours of “trrini women” being freaks. but truth be told If i put any value in those rumours then I’d have to accept when someone stereotyped all Jamaicans as
      – weed heads
      – aggressive and ignorant
      – and so on.

      You mentioned people “going wild” at scorch (which ironically i found to be pretty tame compared to others) and that being the reason why foreigners have that opinion of trinis…. I think this is true to some extent. BUT, from my perspective it’s more reflective of the time of year and general vibe at that time of year and less reflective of any single individual or ‘trini women’. I know ‘people’ who go to trinidad and pretty much break free. Dance, Jump, Wine, and let go of all the inihibitions they had back home, and this is why i think they’ll keep going back. I’ve parties a lot of places, and I can honestly say that I still haven’t found the place that’s nearly as much fun as trinidad during carnival!

      As for the guy in the article… I think he just got lucky 😉

  7. lol I’m sure if you wanted to you could “get lucky” as well…he just made sure tired or not it was happening!

  8. More likely cause you don’t seem like the kiss and tell type, not because you’ll never ever ever do that! HA!

    But that’s a good thing.

    Plenty guys down there loved my accent and whatever else so I’m sure if I want to “get lucky” it’s not an issue…but I always wondered if any women go down there specifically to get some the way some guys do? And would they blog about it?

    either way eye candy galore in both genders is definitely one of the more entertaining aspects of TNT carnival… *gone to look at Zigwa’s men of carnival album AGAIN* lol

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