Why can’t gay people get married?

Why can’t gay people get married?

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The first answer to the question of why gay people can’t get married is usually “Because the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman” Ok, fair enough, I’ll follow your line of reasoning. Clearly if the rules of marriage are dictated by the bible and the bible says that marriage MUST be between a man and a woman, then same sex marriage just isn’t allowed.

But what about divorce?

As far as I know (I could be wrong), when you get married, you’re making a promise to god to be with this person, no matter what, till death do you part. Not till happiness no longer exists, not till money problems become too burdensome, not till you realize your partner is abusive. The bible says, til death do us part.

Seems to me like people have made a special provision to allow divorce. Their interpretation of what ‘marriage’ is and the terms of marriage based on the bible has conveniently been altered to allow them to get divorced if and when image rightthey need to. The distortion of ‘the rules’ gets even worse when you consider the possibility of an annulment. From the little I know (thanks to my high school religion classes) a marriage can be declared, null (i.e. it never really existed) if certain things can be proven. For instance, if it can be proven that from before the vows were made, one of the individuals married had never intended to get married and be faithful. Again, a special ‘interpretation’ being made in order to allow a convenient loop hole.

So my question is, if you can make a provision to allow divorce and if the rules of marriage could be flexible enough to allow annulments, why can’t they be flexible enough to allow two people who love each other to get married, despite them being of the same sex? I know, I know, because it’s ‘wrong’, right?

Both parties must be believers of the faith

So, for two people to be married both people must be believers of the faith, right? The problem is that VERY often only one person (if that) is a believer. The other person is just going along for the ride. It’s not entirely uncommon for neither people to be true believers, but, everybody loves a nice ceremony right?

So here again, we have a situation where people are getting married, that according to the bible, aren’t supposed to be getting married. Seems like more convenient bending of the rules and requirements for marriage to me. So again, if we can allow 2 people who have no faith at all, or are unequally yolked to get married, why can’t we allow 2 other people who may have more faith, who may be equally yolked to get married? I know, because it’s wrong, right?

They can form a ‘union’! Just dont call it marriage!

image rightThis is probably the most ridiculous of all the reasons given. It hardly seems fair to say one set of humans can do whatever they please, but yet another set is only allowed this set of privileges. With the only reason being that you don’t LIKE them and what they’re doing? By saying they can ‘form a union, but don’t call it marriage’ you’re saying they should willingly label themselves as a 2nd class of couple.

It all boils down to discrimination

At the end of the day, if you’re going to stand hard and fast by the bible, and say no, gay people cannot get married because the bible says so. Then you’ll need to stand fast by a whole lot of other things as well,

  • NO fornication. This one should be easy, right?
  • NO work on sundays! Hope you don’t need to go to the doctor or supermarket
  • NO Capital punishment! No killing around here, not even if it’s in the name of ‘justice’
  • NO Lotto, Pick 3, race horses, poker, raffles, sports betting or bingo! Gambling is WRONG!

The list of ‘accommodations’ people make in order to do the things they enjoy could go on and on.

If you’re so concerned about them doing something wrong, let them! Gays getting married has absolutely no impact on your life. Didn’t Jesus say something about not judging others? Leave that job up to him. Be concerned with yourself and what you may be doing that’s wrong. If they can find a church and a pastor to marry a gay couple, let them do it. The job isn’t yours to judge. As you can see from the VERY short list above, there’s quite a bit of ‘wrong’ that you need to worry about yourself!

So, stop discriminating against gays and using the bible and your ‘flexible’ religion as the crutch to do so. You want to be treated with the same rights and provisions as everyone else in the world. It’s only fair you do the same for your fellow humans!

  1. Mel P. says:

    oh Akil.. we should have a sit down the next time you are here..

    no where in the bible does it say gays are not to get married… how ever it does lash out at the actions that would come along with 2 gay people getting married…ie. sexual relations between two people of the same sex. It also does not follow the natural essence of the point of having man and woman coming together to procreate.

    Divorce is actually mentioned in the bible and it is only to be allowed when people are unfaithful. (yup it does actually say that)… this business of an annulled marriage is purely catholic and ridiculous… the pope invented that one not the bible.

    Sabbath law is no longer in effect after the Jesus came and regurgitated the new laws which all stemmed from the one law that says Love everybody at minimum as you do yourself. Yes yes those are in my words. In any event it is healthy to have a day of rest and the sabbath does not have to be Sunday…

    You are right, you should not fornicate… fornication leads to more widespread of disease, bastard children, people feeling inadequate and a whole other list of things that you don't need the bible to tell you but you do it anyway… (you not meaning Akil of course)

    Yes! NO KILLING!… if you are not to judge who gives you the right to kill someone as punishment?? .. AND if we love everyone as ourselves… we would be quick to forgive and not kill!

    Yes!! no gambling… if you work hard and are satisfied and have faith then you wont need to gamble. Work with what you have and stop wasting money on gambling… the money you save on a years worth of lotto tickets could by a plane ticket to somewhere nice.

    As for santa clause… what life lesson does he teach? how would following santa lead us to a better life? If he did then I would believe in him probably… because I have faith :)

    That is all…

    And that's my comment…

  2. Mel P. says:

    to be continued over a tall glass of something… preferable on a beach somewhere nice and warm…

  3. Sihks says:

    I totally agree with what you Akil. some ppl stick hard and fast to SOME parts of the bible because it fits their agenda.

    I also find that Christians;more so are the ones who are guilty when it comes to this…..perfect example ….Christians speak against buying the lottery; yet some churches do raffling…isn't that a form of gambling?

    Yet they will say it's different because it's giving to the glory of the lord …maybe for new choir uniforms of to fix the church roof .

    It's a bit hypocritical and double standard ,but i guess it works in our society as many people play the card well to cover their asses.

  4. Anya says:

    Proud of you for this position you have taken. Totally agree!

  5. John says:

    This musing statement what have you seems to have a great deal more to do with the Bible rather then “gay marriage”. You see I find that many times people want to place blame in a certain place, for instance the Bible. In the US we have the freedom of religion, some people misinterpret this, I’ll explain. The freedom of religion: to be religious, to Not be religious, and from religious government rule.

    So what does that mean? It means that religion has nothing to do with why “gays” cant be “married”. Women and blacks have gone through the same troubles as gays they have allowed themselves to be met with persecution where no persecution lay. There is not now nor has their ever been a document in the founding of our nation (the declaration, the constitution) where it specifically noted that only white men or not gay black women cold not vote be married or were void of rights.

    The argument need be based on the right that every man in the United States has the right to marry whomever he so pleases and by man yes I do mean “human’ without infringement from the government even if I dont agree with it.

    Blaming Christians or the Bible is absurd and in itself comes down to prejudice, blame, and soon will be no different then the rights infringed on homosexuals blacks, and women of any race.

    I dont need an amendment to specifically state that I a Caucasian young undereducated man can get married to a woman or a man, and that I can do so specifically because Im a Christian and work for the government.


    • Akil says:

      Hi John,

      thanks for the comment. We seem to be saying similar things, but I think you interpreting my post as me saying the ONLY reason people claim Gays shouldn’t be married is because of the bible. This definitely isn’t the case, I’ve heard all sorts of different arguments. However the one I hear the most is that ‘the bible says…’ which is why that’s why I focused on this issue in the post. So I wasn’t in fact blaming christians (or any other religious group). I was merely trying to show that the argument I hear most often being used against gay marriage is in fact and pointless argument.

      I totally agree with you a person’s right should not be determined by his skin colour, hair colour, religion or any other insignificant detail. :)

      • John says:

        I’m glad to hear it. Much of the conflict in these issues derives from the fact that both the Bible and the speaking between individuals like ourselves can be greatly misinterpreted.

  6. Sarah alford says:

    ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!! And they should let gays and lesbians get married in every state AND have the same rights as a couple whose not gay. Gay people and lesbians are people, they are people and you shouldn’t-ill use this term loosely- dehumanize them because they are different! This is discrimination and i thought that illegal or something. There once was a time where women were unfairly treated and not given the same rights same a blacks and asians and others. I hope someday can get their head out their butt and smell the revolution that is equality in this world

  7. phillip says:

    equal str8 people never can be equal as gays can never have children biologicly togeather just cant be the same bond

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